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So, I'm thinking about finally starting to craft my first legendary.I have two other things that I have to do before.1 - Leveling up my Dervish-Like to be, Daredevil - Staff (Scythe Skin), Elonian Armour, Subterfuge hood.2 - Craft Jormag's breath for my Revenant.

After that, I'm thinking about dedicating time to my first legendary.

The question is:What's the easiest, fastest, and cheapest legendary to obtain?

Taking also in consideration about the player base decline, and so events that require a vast number of players are a no go. If any...

Thanks in advance.

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'cheapest' is hard to tell. That really depends on what you have in inventory. If you have a stack of silver doubloons the hammer would be 'cheaper' than something that takes a stack of cured hardened leather squares (Kraitkin) that you only have 10 of. Reverse the counts and the other legendary would be 'cheaper'.

Fastest and easiest is to buy one from the TP.

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@"SoulGuardian.6203" said:What's the easiest, fastest, and cheapest legendary to obtain?

https://fastgood.cheap/ - replace 'good' with 'easiest'. The easiest and fastest way to get a legendary is to buy a generation 1 legendary from the TP, but that's also the most expensive. The cheapest way to get one is to make it yourself with materials you gathered, but that's the slowest.

Personally I think the most important consideration is which one you like most and will use most often. There's no point making a legendary you don't like or your character can't use just because it's cheapest because if you don't use it then it's a waste of money.

Other than that I think the main considerations are that 'generation 1' legendaries can be made in the base game but gen 2 require HoT or PoF, including map completion. Also they all require the Gift of Battle which comes from WvW, but there are work-arounds to get it without fighting other players. But again some people find it easier but it's slower, so it depends which is more important to you.

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Most legendaries will have a similar material cost apart from the Gift of X and the precursor, so if you're not sure which one to craft i'd make the following suggestions.

1) Craft something that most of your characters can use. If you only have thief and revenant, that would be sword, staff and shortbow which can be used by both classes (if you have both expansions, otherwise it's just sword).

2) Work your way towards the non-specific legendary parts such as gift of battle, mystic clovers etc, and leave the weapon-specific parts until the end. That way, you can progress towards your legendary weapon and not feel boxed-in/pressured by your decision to craft a particular weapon.

Finally: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Legendary_weapon. Have a look, also check out legendary weapon effects on youtube.

Good luck :)

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Just craft a T1 legendary weapon if you want. It's never been cheaper to craft a T1 legendary, it's actually quite scary how cheap the mats are now compared to even just a year ago.You could craft 2 for profit or craft 1 for use and a second--you get two map completion mats--for profit.

The only real grind outside of your own materials and gold to buy the remaining is the dungeon currency, and you can do that in a few days. You can also use reward tracks to get dungeon currency as well. Besides that the only hurdle is Mystic clover gambling but it averages to around 33%. If you do fractals you can buy clovers each day, and it will add up nicely.

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Save time by buying the Precursor. You won't have to do fractals, JPs, or running around the maps (possibly waiting on time-gated quests).

The rest is mostly generic for the generation of Legendary, each require the same other three items for the Mystic Toilet; 2nd Gen: "Gift of X," Mystic Tribute, and a "Gift of X Mastery."

The second part is where the grinding comes in: mystic clovers, ectos, Gift of Might, Gift of Magic, Gift of Wood, Gift of Venom, Gift of .... you get the picture.

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