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Hello.I'm a newer player (atleast I've never really managed to get into gw2), and I could really help finding a profession that would suit me.

  1. I'm looking for a profession that in pve, could fill a support role (either through healing or simple boon support (I'm guessing it's called)
  2. For pvp I tend to enjoy a very burst heavy class back while stilling being rather tanky. (as I don't enjoy being support in pvp)
  3. If it could handle Open world, living story content alone it would be a huge plus.

I've tried all professions, and gotten them to (and some past) level 10, but still unsure which character would fill my needs, I really hope for a bit of help.

Also, how concerned should I be with Metabattle.com? is it only for min/maxer's or is it something that would get you excluded from groups, if your profession doesn't have a meta build?

Hope you all arre able to help.


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  1. It fills a stats buffer role in PvE. It has banners that increase party's (up to 10 allies) damage while still dishing out a fair amount of damage.
  2. It has a quite good sustain in PvP and hits like a truck (the elite, Rampage, will be seeing a hard nerf though). In WvW, if you choose to play defense, you can sustain an entire zerg (20-50 players) for about 10s, depends on how you manage your cooldowns and whether they were able to corrupt your boons (but the boons pulse out of you, which is harder to corrupt); all while finding a place in groups.
  3. In Open World, it can either not die if you picked Defense line, or require some effort with higher damage if you picked Strength line over sustain.

For PvP/WvW, you can tell a good from a bad warrior, but any warrior can sustain a lot regardless the skill level. They suffer when against heavy condition builds; Condition Thief is an example (but who doesn't suffer against Condi Thief? Troll Sword Weaver)


  1. It fills a boon + buffer + CC + some heals role in PvE... it can also fill a Condition Damage DPS.
  2. For PvP, it has a great burst potential, however, while the skill floor is low, the skill ceiling is quite high to time your bursts... and the sustain is tricky, but a good player can sustain for quite a while.
  3. You can either play Condition Damage or Power in Open World and both fare quite good.

While the class is easy to grasp, it requires investment to shine.

Other classes either can't fill all 3 points or maybe fill them all but not considered meta.

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