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Soulbeast mechanic, what i expected?


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I hoped for kinda necro shroud mechanic where we went in beast mode and get 5 shiny new skills with pet and archetype flavor. I have to say i was a bit far with my gess. This spec lacks flavour, a lot of it(among other things but you guys know that). The merged skills are a joke, mostly the f1s, we basicly get two copy/paste pet skills and only 5 new beast skills plus the crappy stats.... Well ive created in photoshop what i though this spec could be now that i have played it, with some QoL improvements. Here is my suggestions to improve a this a bit and add more flavor. I used the electric wyrven as its my favorit pet heheI have some more ideas if you guys like this one ill keep doing more !

Here is the link to the photoshop thing i did https://imgur.com/a/nQhD2 cuz i have no idea how to post images in this forum.

Have a nice day !

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