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"The Invitation" Cut Scene Bug


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This is frustrating at this point.

I can't progress the story because of this. After i defeat fraenir , and right when the cut scene pop , the whole game freeze . I tried everything, from restarting the computer, repairing files, checking for missing files, checking for driver updates. NOTHING WORKED. i have been stuck since 3 days now , like what is the point ?? Other cut scenes and stories work fine... I give up .

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Some players have had success with:Using a VPNMinimizing cut-scenesContinuously moving character or using a skillChanging the 'Streaming' option

Other work-arounds found in the 'official' Dev-posted thread, "Storyline Disconnections".

Good luck.

You are a savior. The VPN trick worked. Thank you so much <3

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