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[Suggestions] wvw mount


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Weren't people whining about gliding before it was introduced in wvw? Did that kill the gamemode? No.Introducing a form of transport to help travel around the maps more quickly will not hurt the game. On the contrary, it'll increase the fights.

Stop whining for the sake of whining.

+1 OP.

~ Kovu

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Gliding in WvW seems meh. I could take it ,or leave it. Mounts on the other hand in my opinion would be a welcome addition in helping zergs stay together when lack of speed is a problem. Just remove the mounts special abilities so they don't break the game mode(hence no ultra jumping ,or flying).

@Taurid.1753 said:I'd rather see a WvW-only mount added. Keep the ones in PvE in PvE and give us a Dolyak mount only accessible in WvW or something.This would also be a welcome option having a special mount for WvW

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Was thinking about making a similar suggestion, yet better to post in an (unsurprisingly) existing thread. Adding mounts would, like gliders, make the game mode interesting further on; change helps keep it fresh.

Given the varied versatility of mounts, compared to gliders, one can approach this in many ways. With the help of above comments in this thread, I’ve perceived so far three major suggestions, with minor variations/alterations. Mind that mounts can be hidden, as of currently, by keeping "Character Model Quality" in the settings at lowest(!), regarding concerns of enlarged player avatars (by mounts) potentially reducing performance.

  1. Make mount available in regards to PoF-masteries (similar to HoT-mastieries for glider), and only enable mounts in server-controlled areas.

Here either modify ranges of mount behaviour, or keep them as-they-are like in PvE. Keeping them as-they-are would likely require adjustments to how far you can take them outside controlled areas, since you can build momentum and cover quite the distance/height, if we go by the time window of restriction that gliders have. Disable mounts immediately as they enter a non-controlled area is one solution. You could also limit which of the mounts one may use, possibly keeping raptor as the only available one in one extreme, or just disable griffon at the other. As with gliding, this approach would be limited to which expansion a player have unlocked. In any case, PoF-mounts would give players opportunity to bring their current mount skins to WvW.

  1. Make a WvW-specific mount, unlocked by spending World Ability Points (WXP upgrades).

This would allow a design for a consistent mount adapted to WvW-play, without having to adjust the current PvE-ones when needed, whether all or just a few of the five mounts are implemented (along with adjusting invisible walls/restrictions outside of controlled areas). This approach could both be made limited to PoF-players, or open to all. Notice that the game then would introduce a sixth mount to the game, thus possibly additional skins to earn/purchase either through WvW activity/currency, or by gems. Or simply keep the appearance original without adding additional skins for a sixth one. Could even be implemented similar to catapults, where you have a "basic mount", a "superior mount", and/or a "guild mount" (possibly with slight statistical changes, if we are to use the catapult comparison; or just be a question of appearance, like displaying your guild emblem and nothing else).

  1. Make it a WvW-specific tonic (or tonics (pl.)), bought with WvW-currency.

This transforms you into a creature akin to a mount, or places you on a mount. This suggestion opens up possibilities of design from both the previous approaches mentioned, regarding versatility and availability. Could add different tonics for specific PoF-mounts (and their different movement abilities, adjusted or not), or make it a WvW-specific appearance (with a slight speed boost, or similar, or none (making it merely a skin without benefits)). A tonic would in either case be more readily available by using WvW-currencies. A tonic could be available for temporary use (thus more cheaply to acquire), or permanent (thus more expensive to acquire). Many ways a tonic can be earned, if we look besides the options of PoF-masteries or WXP upgrades.

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@Taurid.1753 said:I'd rather see a WvW-only mount added. Keep the ones in PvE in PvE and give us a Dolyak mount only accessible in WvW or something.

i would like a dolyak mount to increase supply capacity by 100%(so in keep with +10 you can take up to 50 supplies) , reduced movement speed by 15% , when dolyak dies the supplies on it are lost. then i would only need to run once for a superior catapult from keep or for a guild catapult from camp

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