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Boneskinner was bugged and we owe the designers an apology


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@Randulf.7614 said:Arent you meant to build up your mastery and use that to break it? I mean regular cc isnt enough - I bring tons of hard cc and it barely registers on it on any size group. I assumed it then needed the relevant stacked t2 mastery skill. Same as the strike missions need the skill. Bringing cc isn't the full story

You don't need it, per se, but yes Spirit Nova (the mastery skill we get to use on the Boneskinner once defeating enough Fallen enemies) does a lot of CC, seemingly more than it's tooltip would suggest (I think reading the tooltip you'd expect around 300 CC points from memory?). I think you're right, it was development's intent to use the essence mastery skill against the Boneskinner, and I'm sure if everyone had the skill to use you wouldn't need any other CC to break it's bar.

In the Aberrant Forest the ruins there are filled with Fallen enemies, right next to where the Boneskinner appears. In addition in those ruins there is the 'Close the Portals' event that appears to occur often for even more Fallen to slay. Two great ways to work towards your Spirit Nova skill.

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@Reverielle.3972 said:I think there needs to be some enemies that have Defiance Bars, and if we don't break them when they become active, everyone (players) dies. Make the consequences more significant, then people will learn. Those that can't be bothered to learn about the game it's mechanics don't really have any basis for complaint and should be struggling with content.

Realistically speaking the people who know how to deal with defiance bars will just end up ignoring that content because that is not particularly great design while the people who are complaining now will just complain some more.

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