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[NA][PVE][RAID] No Shenaniganz [PVE]


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Hey there.

We are looking to make a small raiding community looking to clear raids. We don't care about meta builds or anything just as long as you are playing your role correctly and know, or are willing to learn the mechanics for the bosses. Raids (Priority) – Fractals – Dungeons – And so on… Guild Information: The guild is mostly casual in terms of requirements but are looking for open-minded players who are willing to learn.

This is so we can just jump straight into the game and play all the content.(Must have at least 1 lvl 80.)Voice chat is requirement.Discord Required (Talking not required, but you need to hear what people are saying). No representation requirements. Not having map completion, AR, full ascended, and things like that is totally fine.You don’t have to be highly skilled or perfectly geared, just understand the basics of the game. Not aiming for a large amount of membersThis guild is not about being the best at anything, speed runs, or the having top level gear. The guild is for having players available to learn and play raids with, especially if you have limited gaming time.

Rules: Be chill… Rude Behavior won’t be tolerated. If someone needs help, be cool about it. On the other hand, if you are having trouble then speak up and ask for help. It hurts everyone if you don’t say anything. – Due to limited gaming time, not every member will always be willing to join you for whatever content you are needing at any given moment so just understand that. – Feel free to speak your mind in a constructive manner, not a malicious one…

If you can't come to raid or simply don't want to you just have to tell us ahead of time. We understand if you can't come to raid every week, just make an effort to show up and tell one of the officers if you can't show up.

Raid days will be Monday or *Thursdays (still catering to what works for people) ~1 hour after reset… the day will depend on the availability of raiders, and will be decided as a group once we have enough players Add and/or send mail to Pawng.9103, Hazenvirus.8154, Calinurbuthole.8529 if this sounds like a good fit for you.

Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you!

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