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Support Warclaw Bug Fix Thread


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Hi fellow Elementalists,

I come to request this player-base's support to finally get the Warclaw skill glitch fixed for Weavers.

What I ask it to post on the following thread and keep bumping it so that it sits close to the top:[ https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/72619/wvw-pve-warclaw-and-other-mounts-weaver-bug#latest ]

The glitch is inconvenient in both WvW and PvE, and I just became extremely aggravated when I was lanced and didn't have my skill rotation that I setup prior to mounting.This happens far too much, with high uncertainty, and needs to be fixed.

So please, make this Holiday season great and support this cause!


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Time duration does not help. I've scouted lengths of maps before dismounting/being dismounted and bug is present.

Also, if you happen to see enemy coming in distance, mount and start moving (about 5 seconds reaction time), then get lanced, yep - can happen too.

This has been my experience.

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