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The officer who collects building bricks in the Silverwastes growls in a deep Charr, phrases such as, 'Fight to the last', then in a medium-pitched, totally different man's voice, 'Thanks for pitching in!'.Either make it speak everything in the same voice or none at all.Same for Habib of the Sandshark pit, Crystal Desert. He keeps squeaking in a teenager's voice while talking to us, but when he addresses the sandsharks, it is in a middle-aged, gravelly, very manly voice, which is freakish. It's like something out of a horror movie.

Keep the same actor for the same NPC, regardless of dialogue or instance. Please.Don't make us get used to one character, then put another soul in the same mouth they speak from. It is horror fiction material.

I will list more as I come across them.

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