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King Wasi Continues To Get Stuck on Decorations

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I appreciate a well decorated tomb as much as anyone, but the good King Wasi continues to get stuck on all that decoration in the tomb. I've put a couple of characters through here, and every time the King pushes forward into a mess of chests, candelabra, etc, and gets stuck. Sometimes it takes a very long while for him to get unstuck. In fact, it takes more time to get him out of that problem than to kill him with mines. Because, as the devs know, mines are what are needed in that instance to void his impenetrable shield . . ..

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o_OI have seen him being a bit stuck from time to time but never ran into that big of an issue. There is more than enough flat ground to move around without hopping into the mess of decorations.

This behavior is also not exclusive to this NPC. Smarter AI would definitely make for a better game but that is a different discussion altogether.

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