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[EU] LF active and friendly PvX guild


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Hi! I'm looking for a guild for every game mode. Preferably on Gandara.

Recently I started to play more often and would like to have maybe just someone to talk to or to look at conversations in guild chat.

Last when I was no-lifing gw2 I played a lot of raids and fotm, now I try to do at least daily strikes and a bit of metas.I would like to play dungeons, fotm and raids again. But my only choice now is pugging and I'm tired of it. Not bc of tries and fails... But bc it's super antisocial for me. Just rc and go or r and go, no communication. And bc... Having a static was great before, would love to find it again.I would also like to start playing wvw and pvp a lot again. I loved and mained wvw when I started playing, but I haven't touched it so much since hot. I don't know current metas (both wvw and pvp) but I'm very willing to try! I want to be better and try to finish wings of ascension. For wvw I'm open to both zerging or roaming.

But even if you don't do that content it's okay. If you only do wvw - okay, I'll adapt, I'll do more wvw. If you do only LS and open world - cool for me. I love all the content.I just want chill people to talk to and to play the game with :)

Oh and I'm online mostly in the evening.

Thanks for reading! ^^

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