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QoL Non Game breaking suggestions.


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@XECOR.2814 said:Dagger 5- add Blast finisher.

Flesh wurm - aoe fear 240 radius on teleport.

Minion's active skill recharge reduced. None of then should be more than 15 max considering their effects.(except flesh golem)

Add blast finisher to warhorn.

Rework warhorn 5 again, as it's completely useless after the rework. Only the swiftness it gives is nice.

Reduce casttime of dagger 5. The skill takes way to long to actually land it's hit.

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Warhorn skills need to be reworked to something else honestly but if they dont want to do it then it needs like 200%+ buff atleast on heal from wh5. It is nowhere useful.

Also the cone of effect from wh4 is very clunky, might need some qol.

Im very disappointed that they reworked warhorn but did not revise the changes at all afterwords because it is actually of no use other than swiftness(lol) rn.

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Change rigor mortis (bone fiend active skill) immobilisation to chill and reduce it's CD to 30 seconds.Change putrid explosion minion's sacrifice from the closest to the caster to the closest to the caster's target.Change Plague signet passive to "your attacks transfert conditions on you. ICD 10 seconds".Change Epidemic to "spread condition on you to up to 5 nearby foes". (self ailment happen before the conditions are spread)Change life blast 's piercing effect to a splashing effect.Make serpent siphon spawn minions that die after striking their foes so that they at least work with the numerous minion's traits of the necromancer.

That's all for the skills.

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Unyielding Blast -> Life Blast now has a PBAoE knockback that affects up to 3 targets at 300 range ( 3 second ICD ). On Reaper this trait now strips Protection when striking a foe (with Shroud auto attack) with 10 or more stacks of Vulnerability. On Scourge this trait now causes Manifest Sand Shade to pulse Vulnerability for it's duration.

Locust Swarm -> Reduced recharge to 25 seconds baseline. Removed the Life Siphoning effect and increased the Life Force per strike to 2%.

Wail Of Doom -> Reduced recharge to 25 seconds baseline. This skill is now an AOE with a radius of 240. All other effects unchanged.

Blood Is Power -> The ammunition on this skill has been removed. The recharge has been set to 20 seconds baseline. This skill is now an effect with a duration of 10 seconds that amplifies the lethality of Bleeding by 25%. Striking a Bleeding foe applies Bleed.

Lich Form -> This skill is no longer a transformation and has been renamed to Lich Shroud. Activating this skill grants Stability ( x5 ), pulsing Retaliation and replaces weapon skills with Lich skills. This ability can be manually cancelled. Duration and Lich Form skills remain unchanged.

Well Of Darkness -> This skill now causes all attacks to inflict Blindness while standing inside the Well ( no ICD ). Recharge, cast time, radius and all other effects unchanged.

Life Transfer -> The recharge of this skill is reduced by 25% if it is allowed to complete it's entire cast.

Still thinking on other ideas.

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life force on all autosminions disengageincrease warhorn 5 and focus 4 life stealincrease damage and add new effect to dagger autodecrease cd of dagger 4 + 5increase mark of blood to 1.0 nerf putrid mark to low dmgreduce cd of well of darkness + powerreduce cd of lich form reduce duration reduce sizeadd torment to corrosive poison cloudlet bone minions esplodey attack critadd something else to blood is powermake life blast remove a boonreduce doom cd

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