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What should i do? help.

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Hi guys

I played this game a while back and enjoyed it mainly for the reasons I enjoy skyrim and oblivion.

It's epic and has great story telling.

I also found the community to be awesome, the least toxic people i've ever encountered in a mmorpg.

I do have a problem though, a problem that I need your advice for.

What should I do to maximize my enjoyment of the game?

I found after playing for a month or so that it was kinda repetitive and pointless because it would just be going and punching some monsters, getting some loot that would be quickly irrelevant once I leveled a bit and that's it.

I would love to hear what you guys do while playing to maximize your enjoyment, what else is there for me to do rather than just hopping around to world bosses and ganking them?

I've done parts of the main quests and sub quests (those heart thingys) and they are ok but also get a little repetitive, kinda like i'm playing a single player game.

I've also hit up some dungeons which was fun but again mostly the same thing.

I'm not trying to bitch or complain, i genuinely would love some suggestions on different stuff i can do as I have been away for a while playing other things and would like to get back into gw2.

Thank you.

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It's like in real life: set yourself goals to enjoy it.

Right now, my goal is the legendary staff Nevermore. Before my goal was to get the mounts in PoF and finish that story and complete the maps. Before that I had other goals. When I'm done with Nevermore I'll pick up again the quest for the legendary backpack Ad Infinitum. At some point I was playing for infinite fractal potions. there is always something that I set as goal to justify doing the other things. Fighting Mordremoth in the Dragon's Stand meta event makes more fun when I know at the end I am a small step further in my quest because I taught my little raven how to do air combat.

If you just hop around aimlessly, you will probably leave soon. As in real life, you don't get joy and happiness by just doing random stuff. If you do dungeons, look up which armor you can buy with the currencies. Pick a set you like and do dungeons to get the currency and if you have enough for a piece, reward yourself by buying it.

At least that's how I enjoy games for a long time. It takes about 5 years for me to get tired, depending on the game.

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It's a tricky question, since so many different players have so different goals and things they enjoy doing. Let me start by stating the obvious: not every game appeals to every player. If you personally don't enjoy any of the content GW2 offers, then there's not much anyone can say to help you.

That being said, I can recommend some things you could try out. First of all, after you've reached level 80, that's where Guild Wars 2 really opens up. The leveling process can feel repetitive and boring as a new player, and it might feel like there's nothing more than world bosses, heart quests and dungeons. But I advice you to be patient and take the time to level up, because that's when your real adventure begins. You didn't mention your level, so I wanted to say this.

After level 80, there's plenty to do, even if you don't own the expansions (which are awesome). There's Fractals (like dungeons, but a bit shorter and not so repetitive, and they give much better rewards especially at higher tiers), there's PvP and WvW if you're into competitive play (even if you're not interested, check out some youtube videos and guides, you might be surprised and want to try them out), there's Silverwastes (a very crowded and lucrative 'farm' map with a big meta-event going on constantly), or you might want to do achievements to get cool weapon and armor skins, gear your character in Ascended, do world completion, do crafting, or even go for a Legendary weapon. I also advice to find yourself a newcomer-friendly guild, because that can be a tremendous help in all aspects of the game, and everything is better with friends, right?

That's my two cents, and I hope you find your passion with GW2, because it truly is an amazing game. And if you find yourself liking it, do get the expansions, because they make the game even better. Good luck.

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It is like every other mmo, but here you don't have better equipment to get.

And Since you are not forced to improve your equipment over and over, you probably feel lost.

Let us take wow to compari gw2.If you would be able to get your equipment at the first run or also without any run, Just by buying the mats from the trade post, would you redo the content?

The answer is ''if it delights me, then yes''.

There are no restrictions nor constrictions, and you can stop playing the game and return after a year and be lvl cap full equipped.

If so, what should you do?Play for fun and maybe define some goals you can achieve time by time.Find also a friendy guild to share the game with, and try not to play for rewards, Unless there is a specific one you really want of course. It happens.

Many players find hard to heal emselves from years of mmo, and find difficult to play with the absence of a progression, but Little by Little they can, it seems that I am talking about an illness i know, removed from what i think is a bad habbit.

Personally i play then i do something else till the new la episode, and repeat. Unless a new expansion Comes out. Then i play for a Little longer.

To me this is thr perfect mmo filler game.

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