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Pet Mechanic is "Snake Oil"


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  1. allow pets to attack while moving or make every attack a knock down, fuck it
  2. make f1 and f3 do something, it is worthless; maybe lesser sic em, lesser protect me
  3. taming mini game(just because I am ranting)

If none of these are put on the table then might as well give ranger an evasive mechanic and put pets behind utility skill because this whole class mechanic is snake oil. Pet's do not work at all and it is the only reason to play the class. I played gw1 ranger and at least the pet could dish out some damage, could fight with you, was worth something, worth taming and I know this is gw2 not gw1, however I am done with this class. Why should I play a gimped class when every single other class mechanic of other classes actually works and are more fun anyway. The only thing ranger has going for it is spirits and they cant move anymore, RIP.

PS: This game doesn't need healing elite specs, we have dodges. Make druid more cc capable with roots coming out of eyes or something.

Yes this post was written on the spot, what fellow rangers think? Agree? Disagree? Just look at the post and move on?

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I want to play my ranger, I really enjoy the theme, but I feel so much better after shelving him.

Pets, and soulbeast, could be so interesting. There are so many different skills with intersting effects (on paper at least), but the pet ai, bugs, and certain design choices, like losing pet buffs on swap or Beastmode cd, grinds away at you until you're forced to admit that it's hopeless.

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