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Lonely long time player lookin for friends

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Title explains the bases but i been playin for about 5 years but most of my long time guilds have become inactive and given how things are on the lfg... well its left me with little else to do but log in and stand around or run a couple metas.More of a casual player at this point, it been a while since i tried for raids or kept up with the meta but am always willing to try new builds. I'm on dragonbrand and don't really plan on swapping (lets just say it was a journey to get here)i like guilds with silly names and silly players, finding rpers (tho i dont really do so myself anymore) and decorating guild halls, fractals, dungeons and achievement hunting but am not big on big rep requirements and do work fulltime so can't play for hours on end and have weird hours.

if there are any guilds out there that think i might be a good fit please feel free to shoot me a message or invite and we'll see how it works out.I'm on discord as well and if you'd rather discuss things there let me know. I do have a friend or 2 who might be interested as well if things do work with us.

Or heck if ya just wanna say hi feel free!Hope to hear from yall soon c:

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Heya! I read this post and hit me on a personal level. I've been where you are before and it can be frustrating. I'm currently in the process of creating a guild from the ground up with about 18 friends I've met along my 7 year journey of GW2. The guild is called Foundry of Failed Creations [KEY] and we are in NA. We participate in personal story, expansions, LW seasons, map complete, world bosses, fractals, and the occasional WvW, unfortunately for you most of us are in Northern Shiverpeaks BUT, we would love to have someone like you. We are all a little quirky in our own ways, if you'd like to check us out message me on discord (TigCastig#1623).

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Helloooooo. My guild (The Goats of Thunder) is the most silly of the wandering minstrels. Capable of great feats of strength but only during the high holy holiday of Festivus. Once our members roamed the land desperately seeking meaning in WvW. Now we've broadened our horizons, looking for meaning along the shores of PVE. Nothing structured at this time, that will come in January as we are rebuilding the guild a bit. Definitely check out the recruitment thread for it is a masterpiece of denial, skritt leavings and ramblings of a mostly sly demonic influence.

(No rep requirements either. I think that is silly in a game that has the ability for us to be in five guilds but that's my opinion!)


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