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Silly, but what am I supposed to do with all these trade conttacts


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@Cameryn.5310 said:I have a ton of these too, but part of the issue I have with using them is that things also cost gold or, more frustrating, karma. So I don't bother.

Its the map currency trick they figured out in LS3. Those items don't exist to be currency really. They exist to ensure that from now until the end of time people that want PoF rewards have to also spend time in the maps, making sure they remain populated for new players, but also don't break the gold/karma economy by gaining rewards without spending gold or karma.

I would expect all future expansions to havetheir own sort of currency. What might be a plus is in LS4 we might see it use trade contracts in stead of a different currency for each map, since LS4 content is technically PoF content.

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