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[EU][PvX] - Guardians of the Silver Dragons, a home for all!


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Guild Name: Guardians of the Silver Dragons

Region: Europe (English speaking)

Website: www.gsd-guild.com

Who are we?

Guardians of the Silver Dragons [GSD] is a small European guild built from the ground up. When the game originally launched in 2012 we were primarily a Dutch-speaking guild but quickly came to accept other members as well. Ever since we have been striving to create a place where people can feel at home. A place where you can be who you want to be without too much drama. We pride ourselves in truly knowing our members. With us you aren't just a number or a name, you are a friend and family member. Most of us will know one another by their first name and some have even met outside of the game! To ensure that everyone fits in and feels at home, we carefully screen our applicants and aim for a total membership of 50 to 60 people. Whether you play PvE, PvP or WvW, with GSD there is usually someone to play with.

What do we offer?

To better help organise our guild and bond with our members, we offer various different tools. More specifically we offer our own Website, TeamSpeak 3 Sever, Minecraft Server, WhatsApp groups and our own Forums. With these tools in hand it is easy to communicate within the community and even do things together outside of the game, which is highly encouraged. Are you a fan of Minecraft? Simply hop onto our own server and ask others to join you! Or perhaps you really enjoy playing games on Steam? Ask around, there might just be someone who wants to join in on the fun!

By joining our two WhatsApp groups you can easily ask if someone wants to join you for a fractal run or a dungeon. Or when you are bored at work or school, all your friends are just a click away, hiding in your pocket! On our website you will find the latest news about the game as well as an event calendar for scheduled events. These include weekly Guild Missions and (Training) Raids , as well as bi-weekly events. These bi-weekly events are events of our own creation. These can be litereally anything! Perhaps we will send you hunting for items based on clues and riddles? Or maybe you have to team up with others to beat a dungeon ... naked? The possibilities are limitless and not always restricted to Guild Wars 2. That said, we will do our best that our events are accessible to anyone who would like to join.


  • You are 18+
  • You are on a European server
  • You represent the guild most of the time (80%)
  • You register on the website and make an application
  • You will install and use TeamSpeak 3 (for events)
  • We kindly ask you to join the WhatsApp groups (highly recommended)

Interested? Apply Here

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