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How about a double tap swap mechanic


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So the point of weaver is to combine elements. How about an attunement swap mechanic that let's you freely build your desired element combination when changing attunements? This is how it would work:

You don't press one button like core elementalist/tempest, but two buttons, one for each element, but at about the same time. As long as you haven't pressed the second attunement button, your weapon skills are locked. And after you've chosen your desired two attunements (double tap to fully attune to a single element) the global attunement cooldown starts.

Trait related passives that proc when attuning to a new element are only applied for the first attunement.

This way, the weaver spec wouldn't feel like it limits your possibilities, but rather extends them since you have 16 attunements to chose from, therefore adding complexity, but keeping flexibility. And you will also have access to your defensive offhand skills when you need them.

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Two buttons = more time to switch attunements.Miss your key and you can’t attack ?Pretty bad Idea.

I talked about the double tap and wanted it to be a thing, but only to switch in perfect attunements.Going from air/water to fire/air and being able to tap (or not) a second time to be fire/fire.You still have cd on earth/air/water so you can’t switch whenever you want. Only problem is, it’s killing the weaver mechanic, both your idea and this idea would make unravel irrelevant, and encourage people to play the weaver as a core ele.

Let’s stick to what we have right now, and let’s learn how to play weaver !

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