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[EU][PVE]Freedom Fighters Farstar is recruiting new guildies


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Hi all,

Freedom Fighters Farstar is recruiting new guildies =)We are a PVE guild that is mostly focussed on doing fractals and end game content, and socializing. However we are not picky and recruit people that want to get further into the game. Teach them new things, help out with levelling, etc.The most interesting part is meeting awesome people through the internet, that's my opinion at least. Having fun is the most important part about playing this game.

Our home server is on EU Aurora Glade, it would be a pro if you would be on the same server, for the occasional WvW.

There are just a few things to consider before we take new people in.

  • We generally looking for mature players that are a bit older.
  • We want to know how much experience you have in the game, how long you have played it. What expansions you got, etc
  • What your language is and if you can communicate with a microphone on discord.
  • Respect each other.
  • Guild contribution
  • Helping each other out when needed.
  • What your home server is

Kind regards,Freedom Fighters Farstar [FFF]

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