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Yes, this is a longstanding issue that affects every class with a ranged weapon, it can even be so bad that you can be standing point blank to no effect. These obstructions are similar although the issues might be entirely different/unrelated when it comes to teleporting skills with no pathing problems. All I can say is it's annoying as hell and over time you'll know the places that render these things useless and avoid them (or use them to your advantage when fighting a ranged enemy).

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As has been stated, this impacts all classes with range or ports in MANY locations across the maps. They have been talked about since launch as well and nothing has been done. I even documented them by having someone I knew on another server move around camps and other areas I knew had these spots to trace them out. I got screens of them all, even outlined the areas etc etc and sent them into support for bugs. Nothing has happened and no reply, this was YEARS ago, I don't even think I saved anything as I just gave up on them spending time to fix stuff like this for WvW.

If you want to push the issue with anet, go right ahead, you have my support, however I will warn that it will probably be a total waste of time.

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