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Any news on the NA adventures in EU?

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@Jakkun.4561 said:EU uses TS, NA uses discord. The superior VoIP always wins.Afaik EU servers has used discord the last year at least now...

Anyway, I believe we where fighting the US zerg on FSP yesterday and I think it was around 20-30 in squad vs 50 all the time. They just stacked on top of each other and trained smaller groups down, as usual. Nothing interesting going on there. FSP is notoriously bad at clouding so cant really counter them very good with random pugs, too few pullers to get through the perma stab.

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Hey. Fights on EU have been very fun!

Aside from reset and T1 SEA time zone EU groups are generally more active and larger during EU prime than NA is during NA prime. Regarding play styles most groups prefer pirate ship on EU while most groups on NA prefer melee. Imo this mostly has to do with group sizes. NA refers to organized fights as RvRs (same numbers usually) whereas EU calls them BvBs (assume you’re fighting the entire map). NA seldom has queues on weekdays whereas on EU it’s a part of life.

We’ve fought most of the EU groups by now and I feel Deso/Blacktide and Whiteside still offer the most challenge compared to the rest of the servers. Only group that can beat us even numbers are the Blacktide guys. The coming weeks will be very interesting as more people come back from holiday, have geared classes, get used to EU, etc. My ping from US PST is around 180-270ms depending on the scale of fights. Exitlag can reduce this by 10-20ms. Seldom encounter server lag (can’t cast skills) unless it’s a 3-way blob fight.

Hope that helps!

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