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[Wintersday] Probly a bug with Toy Tonic Trippler

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https://imgur.com/a/RIHzftV (List of tonic images that I already have, all of them)I bough the Toy Tonic Trippler's unlocker by karma, I already have all of the five tonics for the archivement in the wardrove; the last year I got them by WvW & PvP rewards (I didn't know about that archivement, recently I see it,exploring in the wintersday merchants.

I have two questions:

  • It is a bug? //If it's a bug, then no problem, I hope a fix for this.
  • Should I get them again in the inventory ? (Instead of wardrove) // If is this, then, what a horrible mechanic, literally, 5 wvw rewards again. If it is possible to get them with karma, I can't 'cause literally I'm with 5k of it right now. So I hope that this is a fixable bug, and no a poorly implemented mechanics.
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