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[EU][PVE, possibly PVX][VaLe] Recruiting


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Hi, fellow Tyrians,Vanishing Legacy is small guild and we are looking to expand our friend list. We are a mature (at least thats what the papers said, even thou discord chat would disagree), helpful group of Europeans. For now we have only one set weekly event: guild missions (yes we still do them cos we love to do things togheter) but we would love to have more: fractals, raids, pvp and wvw (this is a little bit harder cos we are on different servers and still waiting for alliances). Our guild is (almost) max level and we have the guild hall.The only thing we ask from you is to be social and that you interact with us. Guild representation is not required all the time and age is no issue.We are waiting for you and can't wait to meet you in game to have some fun!

Use Discord and introduce yourself in the Join-us channel per instructions. Join that discord channel here:https://discord.gg/8eEAPax

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