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Stuck in Secret Lair of the Snowmen, Dead

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My power went out in an instance of the Secret Lair of the Snowmen, and now my character is stuck in the instance. I'm dead, with no party members, and clicking Retry from Checkpoint does nothing. I can change the map layer and see waypoint sin the Shiverpeaks, but can't access them because it says I'm in combat.

As I type this, a different group of players - not my original party, passed through and resurrected me.

Please fix this. I'd still be stuck in there if they hadn't bothered to res me.

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I wonder if it's a feature rather than a bug. If the moment you relogged in you were placed in a different instance, then this would be expected behaviour if the other players where in combat.

It sounds like it was a public instance, in which case one cannot even know who else is there with you or if they are in combat.

How could it be solved? Not allowing respawning while others are in combat is definitely proper behaviour. Perhaps allowing the use of the wintersday invitation while defeated?

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They should make it so that when there is no boss up, you will leave combat and can res (and use waypoints). I assume the boss is on some timer if the whole group is dead and will despawn (and to be summoned when everyone is up again and you get near its spawn point). This way nobody can leave the combat mid fight (even if defeated), so the same ppl will stay in the instance to try again or get the rewards if the others manage to kill it. And to prevent players from just disbanding mid fight. With the eye of possible exploiting. This way, if you disconnect or alike in defeat mode you will always enter an instance with a boss that is despawned or about to despawn on a timer and thereby will loose combat and get the ability to leave the instance and get up. Then it also should not matter if you are in a public version or a lfg party.

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