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More Gaming Content Please.

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Friends, anyway Area Net can add a folder for all the gold scrolls? Also a season 5 folder. Would be more exciting if Area Net can make mini battles in the game as well. With so many minis in the game and so many mini bugs across the game would add extra excitement to the game. If account bound minis can be put in the mystic toilet would be great as well. I have more then 10 character slots and with unopen 1st birthday gifts and its a shame to throw away so many mini queen Jenna's. Also more home instead and guild hall decoration would go a long way in the game. The bundle packs sold in the gem store are VERY Creative and once purchased them creative packages are just gone. Would be AMAZING if them wraps like the skyscale mount wrapping can be added to are guild hall or are personal home instead. One more thing and that is if we can have are own personal achievements like in guild wars 1 be added to are home instead. having statures of are character with legendary armor and weapons.

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In other words, you want Pokemon and Barbie dream house. And that's fine. Everyone loves that stuff. I spent real money on a unicorn finisher, FFS. But don't say "More gaming content please" when what you want are collectibles and skins. Comes off less as "hey, think you could look into this" and more "screaming child who only wants their favorite flavor of lollipop." There's TONS of content. You just want very specific niche cosmetics and toys.

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