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Classe balance for the next season


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Dear devs :),

can we have a big and clean balance patch please. Since the end of hots the class balance is bad, pof classe change Are terrible it's seems like it's the hazard who choose the buff and nerf.

No need to reinvented the game, just bring back old stuff that worked and was actually fun. For exemple wow player are playing the classe and the same build for like 20 years and nobody is complaining about.

Pre hots balance (with celestial amulet) was fun and easy to play, pro league season balance was also cool and team play was needed.

Maybe more buff and less nerf can be good so we can have more choice for the build and stuff

AT and MAT are really fun but the past years of random class change made ppl leave the game.

Thx for all your work those pas yearsRegards

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