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Mount ability keybind does not work

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something stupid but I can't get the keybinding for Mount Ability 2 to work.

I have both Mount Ability 1 and Mount Ability 2 bound - currently to the 1 and 2 keys which are also used for combat skills. I've also tried binding them to keys which are not used for anything else at all in GW2 to see if the shared binding was the problem, but the same thing happens.

When I push the Ability 1 button I get the 'jump' ability - the raptor jumps forward, the springer does it's charged jump and the skimmer rises into the air (I don't have the other 2 unlocked yet). When I push the Ability 2 button nothing happens at all. I've also noticed that no matter what key it's bound to the UI shows 1 in the little black keybinding circle.

This means that at present the only way I can use the engage abilities is by clicking on them, which is often very impractical.

If anyone knows how I can get it working, or if someone is able to confirm it's a bug so I can hope for a fix, that would be really helpful.

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To clarify: The skills you have on your skillbar and mount abilities are two COMPLETELY DIFFERENT sets of skills/abilities.

For one you have skill #1 shown on your bar which uses the normal keybindings for abilites (most people have this on "1"). This is an engage-type ability which will do something (depending on the mount) and then DISMOUNT you immediately.

The other case are the mount ability keybinds:

  • Mount Ability 1: This keybind is used for the raptor leap, bunny jump, skimmer high float, jackal teleport and griffon dive
  • Mount Ability 2: This keybind is currently only used for pulling upwards with the griffon

There are two "exceptions" to these keybinds:

  1. The "Conditional Mount Movement Ability Input" (you can disable this) which is the spacebar allows you to use the mount ability 1 on most mounts (not griffon, see exception 2)
  2. The spacebar on griffon (no matter if you have the conditional input activated or not) with full stamina will do either the downwards burst if you're currently diving or do a wingflap
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