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issue of outfits


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2 things. first-pls hide outfit helmet if i dont use it when i preview some weapon coz i dont like when view change my look. second-i heared in gw1 there was possibility with outfit to use some other helmet like for example red glow eyes and even if its not true would be nice if anet would make this possibility in gw2.

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I dont think its possible to have that functionality with how the GW2 armor system works. All four armor weights(light, medium, heavy, and outfit) attach to the body at different locations. Merging two different armor types together doesnt work to the point that it actually breaks the skeletons of the characters. For your suggestion to work from what i understand theyd have to make each outfit have every single head piece attached to it, and is that really worth the time for them? Im not sure.

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@Gautama.5378 said:i still hope anet will make possibility to use other helmet or mask on any outfit even if it would be option to buy in gem store i would buy it. pls!

Sorry. They've already detailed how outfits are made and this won't be something that they will implement. You'd be better off with armor sets. You can buy those from the gem store when they cycle around.

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