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What some Comic book character inspired Elite Spec ideas you would like to see for your class?


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Swamp Thing - lotsa vegetation generation and earth themed skills. Well we have that in ranger and druid, but those are kinda mostly visuals. What i would like to see is a character slowly taking over a zone as he stays in it (more and more vegetation with beneficial effects for him, while nasty for enemies), to the point that if allowed to stay too long in a spot he would become very hard to take down and evict from there.

Obviously, if forced to be kept on the run/move all the time, such character would underperform compared to rest.

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Arch Priest for mesmer as it doesn't heal well enough yet. The mech would be "Avatar of Water Goddess" which would change weapon skills to Turn Undead, Nature's Beauty, God Requiem, Divine Cry and Creation of Sacred Water. The utility skills would be shouts. It'd also have extra bonus damage on dragon minions due to holy magic while also getting aggro of them even when stealthed due to divine aura.And how it'd work in current meta? It'd be useless.

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All Might. An unarmed core warrior skill that hits hard and fast, can leap 1500 range, with the added ability to change the maps weather every time they punch someone. Enemies defeated by this character won't be defeated, but rather immobilized for law enforcement (other players) to deal with.

I guess it would require a reworked Warrior Rampage to work...

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