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[Suggestions] we realy need ui hoykey/button/options...

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need this

use all

  1. [Tomes of Knowledge]

take all

  1. reweard chest https://imgur.com/2UiQuEb
  2. lv up https://imgur.com/tLmr4Ix


  1. accept/cancel



  1. need can input number for sell



  1. no use all option when item put on shared slot https://imgur.com/bl11fgJ
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I have to say, since adding instant accept of reward chests w right click I really don't find them tedious any more!Level Up are tedious because there's so often a choice to make; they'd have to remove those choices to make them any faster.

Input number to sell would be awesome, and Use All on ToK would be even better! Yes Please to those!!

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