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Skimmer as underwater mount

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@kratan.4619 said:Why would we need an underwater mount if they have, as so many others have stated, stopped supporting underwater development?

Still, you can't deny that there is a wast underwater content that was originally created, and it would be much easier to traverse it with the Skimmer.

Adding a mastery to use it as an underwater mount should not be a big problem since they already have the model and there would +1 more reason to use the Skimmer since it is one of the underused mounts.

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We don't really know if we're getting anymore mounts; but no harm in speculating, right?

In one hand, we know that mounts are part of PoF, for the exception of Warclaw. Does not necessarily mean that they are tied completely to it.Nothing is set on stone.On the other hand, if we do get to see the depths of unending ocean, it is most likely that we'd get a mount to navigate the vastness of the sea.

But what if we instead, after the Icebrood, we follow west to Woodland Cascades?Would we still get a underwater mount, or would it be something like a siege devourer?

What are your thoughts?

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