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[EU] [PvE] [RAID] Beyond The Rabbit


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Beyond the Rabbit is a PvE guild looking to expand. We are a raid focussed guild that provides regular training sessions and does clears each week. But we are not an elite raiding guild, we still have more to learn! Most of all we like to laugh and have fun.

What We Offer

  • Easy going atmosphere
  • Raid clear groups (W1-4 & 7)
  • Raid training & progression groups
  • Daily T4 fractals
  • Close knit group of active members
  • Democratic command structure
  • Organised events - GMT/CET Evenings
  • Discord, voice chat and all that other lovely guild stuff

What We Look For

  • Active
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously
  • Easy going
  • Level 80
  • Desire to play end game content
  • Happy to use voice chat (you have a mic)

Our Weekly Schedule

  • Monday & Tuesday 18:30 GMT raid clears
  • Wednesday & Friday 18:30 GMT raid training
  • Saturday 14:00 GMT guild missions

If you’d like to be involved or have more questions please get in touch with any one of us via discord or in game.


  • Kuuhaku#0232
  • Chera Fox#1102
  • Quantra#8778


  • Kuuhaku.1795
  • Chera Fox.8514
  • Quantra.8345
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Hey!Returning player looking for a guild i have working headset and discord most of the time i do fracs, dungeons some times strike missions but would love to learn how to raid. Here is my gw in-game name send a message if it's possible to join this guild!tomi.4670

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Heyo,Returning player new to the EU looking to get involved in the game again. Haven't actually ever done fractals somehow, but have some raid experience circa HoT! I've got every class to 80, I usually enjoy playing whatever is needed.

Let me know if you'd like to chat, Protagonist.4083 on GW2, Protagonist#9985 on disc.

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Hey there,I dont know if you are still recruiting, but I´d like to join the guild. I am am semi experienced fractal and raid player who does CM´s and T4 regularly and raids occasionally.I´m currently working on getiing more classes ready to raid/do fractals with. i have both Condi and Power DPS ready to go. I have sent a friend request on Disc. Salev#1630

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