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Shrine Guardian dyes feedback

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The mount is great overall but I wanted to give some feedback on how the dye channels were handled, particularly the fact that there is only one dye channel for the whole fur body of the mount.There are two cloth peices that we can dye separately, and I'd rather have the smaller one be the same colour as the pattern (as shown on the screenshot below), or even not dyable at all, in order to free a second dye channel for the fur. It could be used to dye the mane as well as the underside of the belly and tails. The longer fur batches on some parts of the body could also be attached to that dye channel to give some depth to the mount's fur. A bit like the Grand Lion griffon skin.ZdD6FQG.jpgI know that the mount won't be updated, but I hope this feedback serves to future design choices.

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If you have a look at gw2 wiki you can see the concept art: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Shrine_Guardian_Jackal_SkinThis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fox_spirit is the inspiration for the design, and what we have closely follows/is authentic to it.

I'd like someone to explain how the dye channels on this thing https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Deep_Desert_Scarab work (i'll put some pics up in a little while).

Edit: added picshttps://imgur.com/Z0HdvDyhttps://imgur.com/Xq6AZukhttps://imgur.com/BUhNyvFhttps://imgur.com/Eur902Ihttps://imgur.com/8vdDJNAhttps://imgur.com/4KszNEmhttps://imgur.com/zFjIAR6https://imgur.com/hPLjAoDhttps://imgur.com/Z4Li7yvhttps://imgur.com/6oqqMOd

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