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Guilds and other groups run contests like this fairly often and I've not heard of anyone getting into trouble. It's definitely allowed and unlikely you'd be mistaken for a gold seller and banned.

But just in case here's a few things you can do to protect yourself: put something about it in the guild's message of the day and talk about it in guild chat. Write down somewhere outside of the game the date and time you did that, and the date and time the winners are announced. When you send the prizes put something in the mail to say it's a prize from a guild contest. That might be enough to protect you on it's own. In the unlikely event you do get banned you can send a support ticket and calmly explain you were handing out the prizes for a guild contest, tell them the name of the guild and that the contest is in the message of the day and the time and date you discussed it in the guild chat channel and when the winners were announced so they can check and see it's a genuine contest. Then your account should be unbanned.

By the way, if you send the prizes by mail you might get supressed and have to wait before you can send them all, or send other mail after that. That's not a sign that you're in trouble or going to get banned, it's just that the limit on how many mails you can send in one go is stupidly low.

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