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NA player looking for EU Server/Guild


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Here's the thing, building siege is my thing. Usually with some suds or a cocktail in hand. I find it relaxing after work. So when the zerg is going one way i can typically be found going the other to build, tick, or scout for a bit before RL calls. Currently on Seafarer's Rest but they don't seem to appreciate my style much. I realize siege is not very effective and its all about fights. But i still enjoy it and all that goes along with it.

Services Offered:

  1. Can be counted on to siege up the Norther half of the map.
  2. Will make a best effort to keep inner siege ticked.
  3. Ticking outer siege is at my discretion, outer walls fall to fast before people organize a rally.
  4. Will provide inner siege on T3 keeps if Commanders and teammates are active.
  5. Will siege nearly anything if specifically requested by active Commanders who will defend.
  6. Services are rendered at no cost to Commanders and other players, although charitable superior siege will never be refused.
  7. Siege takes supply, lots of it, so i will typically work to support North Camp to keep my supply lines moving.
  8. Will keep supply available for allied forces.


  1. Typically will not be found on Coms.
  2. Would prefer to be in a squad, with Scout status.
  3. Focus is applying and maintaining siege, not scouting, but the two often go hand-in-hand.
  4. Would ask that Roamers and active Commanders make a small effort to keep northern supply routes open until towers and keeps have neared capacity.
    1. An occasional thank you. I know that's a big one.
  5. Mostly Non-combat do to physical injuries in RL.
  6. EU servers only
  7. English speaking

If my offer is of interest please reach out to me.

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