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A Canthan dragon mount skin

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This idea comes from another post about lunar new year, that it would be awesome if we get a skyscale skin with a Canthan dragon theme, it can basically use the same base model, just take off the wings and do some remodeling, the current body movement and animation might work pretty well already.

It won’t be a super long and thin dragon model as the traditional Chinese dragon but instead think about Aurelian sol from LOL, also this attachment.

Lunar new year come next Tuesday but even we don’t get something like this, hopefully they can give us something similar in the future :)

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@"Sinistra.4190" said:I would love them to do something with the Kirin:654px-Zunraa.jpg

Could make for a potention Jackal skin. But we already got a Canthan Themed one. (Shrine Guardian)

Kirin is a great idea! There’s a lot of interesting creatures in oriental mysthologies that can inspire mount skins!

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A good candidate for such a skin would be the Canthan saltspray dragons (famous representatives of that species being Albax, Kuunavang, and Shiny). Such skin would be problematic lorewise, though, as the creatures we generally ride aren't able to speak whereas saltsprays can speak. Skyscales are said to be lesser dragons akin to hydras and drakes and thus they work as mounts, but saltsprays muddy the waters as they're not quite Elder Dragons but seem to be higher in the dragon hierarchy than the speechless skyscales. It might be demeaning to a saltspray to be ridden as a mere mount, and I'd rather not risk any saltsprays offering thinly veiled threats to their rider like Kuunavang famously did to mortals who initially intended to refuse her gift in the "Unwaking Waters" mission in Factions:

Enraged Kuunavang: You brought me back to this life, and I owe you a tremendous debt.
Player: Please. It is enough of a reward to simply be in your presence.
Player: "You owe us nothing.
Enraged Kuunavang: Let me give you a piece of advice.
Enraged Kuunavang: Never refuse a gift from someone who can swallow you whole.

After the inclusion of the alluring shimmerwing "fairy dragon" skyscale skin, though, who knows what other surprises the ANet artists have in store. For all we know, they may already have some ideas for future oriental-inspired dragon skins for skyscales as those would sell well. I only lament that there's so little lore about many of these curious mount skins and that we don't see the uniquely modeled mounts out there in the wild. Imagine running into ambient Kourna Jackrabbits in Kourna, or Exalted Ley Vaulters in Auric Basin, for example!

While kirin would look nice as mounts, they are also higher beings who are capable of speech with some sage words of advice to Canthan adventurers of old, so they may not fit into the mount skin idea any more than saltsprays do unless the artists decide to play it loose and include them as skins anyway just for the cool factor. I wonder how a wise kirin would feel about being a mortal's mount, though. :)

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