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Question about herald.


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@"Axl.8924" said:

In this build tramadex is running some sorta herald i think what is it a hybrid of power and condi? it seems to hit really hard and hit with quite a lot of condi

What exactly is the counter to this?

counters to condi revs in general are necros, warriors, deadeyes and especially other condi revs

and just to mention, its not an condi rev tramadex is running. its the standard meta rev. Full marauder * leadership rune

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Yeah, just looks like the standard Shiro/Glint power Herald. Not sure about specific amulet/sigils/runes, but seems like Invo/Deva/Herald. Nothing out of the ordinary tbh. The condis the build has access to are either non-damaging or are burning from Facet of Elements/Song of the Mists-Dragon. Condi Mirage is probably one of its biggest counters.

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