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So Much Lag

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When I logged in a few weeks ago my ping was fine, and it was fine 12 hours ago but I logged in today and my ping, which usually averages around 60, is bouncing between 72 and 180 with 4,912 heights in lag spikes. It's making pvp almost unplayable and it's happening in pve even when I'm just standing there. When I talk to other players they also are saying they're having varying degrees of lag, usually in spikes, not consistent lag. Are the servers having issues? Do we know when there will be a fix?

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yea, been having a similar issue, i'm mostly in wvw, which i kinda expect to have some at times partially on reset, but today went in and was just unplayable ping was jumping all around from min around ~80, in battle can expect between 100 to 200, but i was just getting reset lv ping which is 4500 which i found ridiculous

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