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What is your absolute favourite thing in GW2?

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@SoulGuardian.6203 said:All throughout the years, and all the time you played the game...What is that one thing in GW2 that was really breathtaking for you?

The fact that scarlet nuked a major city, it turned into what is essentially a raid, then got rebuilt like nothing happened and the only way you'd know it got nuked is if you listen to NPC people complain about the lingering effects of it in game.

That kitten blew my mind . I wish theyd do it more often but I can imagine the work....

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@"Dawdler.8521" said:The animations.

Because its the one thing that keeps me grounded in the game. Like literally, the animations are such a work of art and match the enviroment so well. Many games have you... floating... when doing something as simple as running and creates a massive disconnect between the world itself and the player character. The closer you look, the more fine detail you'll notice - in particular for Asura, the way each animation is made to compensate for their short size with energetic movement and even the relative weight of their "large" heads as they move side to side.

The way my asura's ears react to everything she does, constantly...it's amazing and endearing and I love it so much! :)

I have to add the mounts to this too...each one has such a different feel, almost like a distinct personality. It's the animations that make them each so charming.

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@"Danikat.8537" said:Building on what I said earlier I love the level of detail in this game. For example, this is one of my favourite screenshots I've taken in GW2:KgEJ4z9h.jpg

It's a childs toy boat on the lake by the dam in Queensdale. It doesn't do anything, it's not involved in any events or collections or achievements, from a gameplay perspective it's got absolutely no reason to exist and I doubt anyone (myself included) would have missed it if it wasn't there. But because there's children playing nearby someone at Anet took the time to design, build and impliment a toy for them to play with, to complete the scene.

I love that they take the time to do things like that, and I enjoy finding it when they do, whether it's part of a collection or whatever, or just a nice bit of atmosphere to make the world feel more lived in.

I think I've rarely seen that, thanks for the screenshot.

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Exploration for me as well, I've never had so much fun simply running around following my curiosity. Also my very first Tequatl battle, because before this I've never had come across the mechanic that zooms out or so many people doing a single event so it blew my mind! Oh, Triple Trouble too, first time being in an orginised group, with an instructor/commander and everything.

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Do I have to choose just one thing? :)

If I had to choose...I'd say the environment itself. The maps are so gorgeous...a few months ago, I got a new computer and now I can play this game on high/ultra settings. Even in maps that I've been in a hundred times before, I'll still stop and stare at the scenery because it's just that pretty. The fog, the lighting effects, the shadows...breathtaking. Map exploration is a delight because of this.

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@blackheartgary.8605 said:

@"Randulf.7614" said:Whilst I loathed a lot of LS1, The Battle for LA, Battle on the Breachmaker are amongst the few exceptions to that. There is very little that comes as close to being as epic as that double episode was in scope and content.

It remains the best story arc ending in the game. Arguably the franchise.LS1's battles: the BLA, the Breachmaker, the Nightmare tower, the Marionette, the first time we fought the revamped teq, and those first weeks of triple troublebring back THAT type of intensity pretty please.

But get rid of the absurd pacing, and the timelimit please.Still want the LS1 back in game, the "TLDR" version you get is so limiting and boring, and doesnt do it justice, even though i quit during LS1 because i couldnt keep up with the speed they released episodes.

Things i enjoy thoughCharr, they are the sole reason i bought GW2, the lore behind them and the changes theyve gone through still amaze me and keep me doing RP with my guild.

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There is very beautiful artwork and map design (especially Tangled Depths and Desert Highlands for exploring) and I also love the amazing combat system (I especially love Necromancer's 5 Core Specializations being able to twine and weave together in interesting ways).

But my favourite thing has to be the music. I listen to GW2 Music while I'm at work (along with swing jazz of course), and every time I hear tracks like Enter the Fire God or Dragonflight or Rata Novus or Fear Not This Night, I get goosebumps and it really gets me in the mood to play more as soon as I get back home.

I will never forget the amazing moments in this game (even the little ones) that the music helped create and bring to the next level. So thank you Arenanet for all you do and I can't wait to see what's on the horizon! <3

(Holy Kitten, I just saw the Trailer for Ep. 2 of the Icebrood Saga and I want that music right now in full. Hot kitten, that was some good kitten.)

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Heart of Thorns maps. Just amazing. Complexity and verticality (+ glider!) struck home with me.

Tangled Depths is a work of a great mind, and a gem of beauty in certain parts, which aren't that easy to find.Auric Basin is beautiful in it's lushness,Verdant Brink has the most fun meta for me in whole game (like doing the nighttime camp defense)Dragon's stand - love how the various masteries found good use there, though due to timer it's hard to fully admire it's beauty.

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Playing through Heart of Thorns.

The sheer boldness and beauty of the map design, damn. Playing through Heart of Thorns (after the nerf, mind you, I haven't experienced release HoT) with my Revenant was one of the most confusing, stunning, exciting and addictive gameplay experiences of my life. Filling the mastery bars actually felt like progression because there were several of them and the game truly made me require them at several occasions - e.g. the poison mastery. Besides, there was a decent grind involved - you could explore and do stuff and go places, and on the side you were happy about every event or skill challenge because they gave you exp. Playing Revenant felt powerful and fun, and I still died plenty of times, so I respected the jungle, which in turn made me feel even more immersed! I did really feel like I was conquering the Maguuma, adventuring, making progress, getting things done. Plenty of other players were there, too - I think it was shortly before or after the release of Out Of The Shadows. It was an MMO experience at its finest, at least to me. Verdant Brink and its meta! The beauty of Tarir! The showers of loot! The intrigue and danger of the Chak tunnels! That damn Balthazar hero challenge!

Needless to say, HoT got me hooked to the game for the entire duration of Season 3 - and after that, we got Path of Fire, which had another five vast, beautiful maps...

Heart of Thorns is the reason I fell in love with this game.

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The OP seems to be specifically asking for a piece of content in the game (location, song, cutscene, etc.) that we found especially beautiful or memorable. So in that spirit I'll list chronologically the things that I've felt compelled to take screenshots of over the years:

  1. The first thing I ever captured was the character designer. I used to spend hours playing with it, tweaking every little detail of my characters that no one would ever appreciate but me, making celebrities just to see if I could (My best was a spot-on Gillian Anderson)
  2. The top of Mt. Maelstrom - before there were gliders or mounts it was very difficult to get up there and a little scary/dizzying because... it really was a long, splattery way down. The first time I got up there I had to memorialize it.
  3. When I found an NPC with my wife's unusual name
  4. The catbots in the Uncategorized Fractal
  5. Being chased by a horde of champions in the Arah dungeon
  6. All of my server's (TC) commanders together tagged up at once for a photo back when server identity was a thing
  7. The first time I saw SAB (especially the Super Bee Dogs)
  8. A horde of golems for a golem rush back when omegas were several gold apiece and gold MUCH harder to come by
  9. When I bugged out and fell into the exploded reactor in Metrica Provice. Eerily beautiful down there.
  10. A dolyak in a tree
  11. Another "expansive view," this time from the top of the Cathedral of Silence looking over the Cursed Shore
  12. First time I saw Mad King's Labyrinth
  13. When I made my first legendary (Bifrost)
  14. The hidden cat room in the WvW Alpine borderlands
  15. The Twisted Marionette
  16. The fight with Scarlet aboard the Breachmaker, and Kas saving Jory
  17. The hidden turkey room in the Ascalonian Catacombs dungeon
  18. The final chest room in the Snowden guild puzzle, with the reflective crystal columns
  19. When I claimed SMC for the first time on my personal guild
  20. Not breathtaking but screenshotworthy - the PvP match my team won with a score of 501-500

I admit to taking more shots in the early years - I take for granted somewhat now the beautiful visuals. And that certainly doesn't encompass everything I've admired - time passes, you play every day, you forget stuff. As far as PvE story content, my favorite piece was definitely the Breachmaker fight and the cutscenes after. I think they were incredibly well written and executed with a lot of emotion.

The thing that I find most interesting about the game is how my relationship with it and associated feelings have changed over the years. The way I felt the first time I logged into Wayfarer Foothills on day 1 is not how I feel now, but I still remember it. What I'm focused on accomplishing, my skills and interests have continuously changed, and each step of the way has had moments of satisfaction and joy (and sometimes relief) as I accomplished or experienced various difficult, beautiful, collaborative, engrossing, amusing, etc. things.

And as far as my favorite things to do in game? That's easy - Kegbrawl (R.I.P. PUNT and many hours of full maps and great games), and Snowball Mayhem (See you next year fellow addicts!)

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Beetle mount. Few have mastered precise control of it. I really appreciate the work put into the beetle. For an RPG, I login almost solely to fool around in the beetle. The entire world is a big beetle park for me. If we still had to walk or only had the more basic mounts, I don't think I would still be playing at all.

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Far too many things to count... exploration, the visuals, the sound effects, the helpful in-game people, and so much more.There was one moment, though, that will always stick in my mind as making my jaw literally drop: When Mad King Thorn burst through the ground on the first Halloween.NXeiXjr.jpg

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Karka's event when they attacked the lion's arch, if i remember well it took more than 2 hours of intense fights and i've been here an hour before with all my friends (when all of them only have eyes for GW2) and a final battlle vs the ancestral Karka with nearly 1-2 precursor as a gift for everybody at the end of the fight =) (yep, there was a time when Anet was generous) :/


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