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A Love Letter to ANet

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Dear ANet,In recent years I have spurned your advances; I called your Scarlet roses trash, I spit on you when you took a knee in the Maguuma, and I dropped your ring in the gutter. I dont know what you saw in me, why you continued to pursue me despite my poor treatment of you, nor do I understand why I never left you, what it was that made me stay despite the continuous disapointments. But now I know, its because, I love you. I love your enduring resolve, mature flexibility, how sincerly you listen to my bitching, and how passionatly you strive to better yourself, always prioritizing our future together. I realize now, what I loved about you, is that you never gave up, you never settled, and no matter what happened, you remained faithful.

When first we met, I admit, I looked down on you, 'ugh, an MMORPG, itll be a crappy romance Story just like the rest of them.' I didnt hate you for it, but my prejudice made it hard for me to give myself to you fully. I just couldnt help it, all MMORPGs id been with before had always been that way, but you pleaded so hard, I thought, I might as well give you a chance... and while I did not dislike you, nor did I feel my heart race.

Your Cutscenes, while beautiful and artisitc, just had no life in them, I didnt feel alive with you, how could I when all you did was Stand there and Talk? Talk and talk, never moving; I NEEDED some firey passion from you ANet!

And then came what was almost our breakup, in the First year of the Living World callender, you fell to your lowest point. I guess you senced that your Cutscenes werent turning me on, because you stopped even trying, our romance Story reached a dark Stagnet point where there was no real Development, no real Communication, i couldnt understand what was happening at all. By this point, while i did not feel love for you anymore, i was fond of the memories we shared, and certainly i couldnt leave you at your darkest hour, so i stayed, even though i felt myself grow distant and bitter towards you, at this rate, it was only a matter of time before i left you, i even complained about you to my friends. But you didnt give up.

You spent some time away from me, working out your issues, and in the Second year of the Living World callender, you came back, and i was plesently surprised. Our romance Story wasnt perfect yet, but it was better than ever before, you even started Cutscening me again, and this time, I felt the flutters. Maybe, i thought, just maybe (with a little more work) you could be the one.

Again you must have sensed my sturring interest, because during our vacation to the Heart of Maguma, your Rushed our love Story to its Climax, thinking prehaps you could quickly sweep me off my feet, when really i needed more time, and a lot more attention, you were so focused on rushing me to the alter, you forgot to take me on dates and truly Deepen our relationship. I admit i was mad, after i was starting to think we could have something, how dare you Rush me like that, didnt you care about building a meaningful and deep relationship? I could have left you then, but I guess by that time I had already developed an attraction to 'fix-er-upers', already i had seen you Grow and Develop so much, I guess deep inside I wanted to see the finished product, the dashing devonair you would become.

As it turns out, I would not be disapointed, I just had to... wait, a bit. I supposed you were really put off when we didnt get married in Dragon Stand, because our next few months in the season of Raiding, you grew distant and cryptic, continuing our romance Story in indirect covert ways, I guess you didnt want to be straight forward with me, for fear that you would be rejected again, or that i would leave you all together. It was an awkward time for us, I wanted you to give me more, and you were afraid to. Honestly, i feared all the years I spent with you, allowing my budding feelings to grow would come to naught.

But at last, in the Third year of the Living World callender, you regained your footing, grew bold, and swept me away. Our love Story wasnt perfect, but already it was far better than any other MMORPG i had been involved with, you continued to surprise and delight me with your self Growth, constantly driving yourself to be a better lover. You were open and straight forward in our Diologue, constantly giving me the attention and effection i needed, and I thought, while this isnt perfect yet, if this is as good as it gets, i think i can be happy here with you.

And when i was at last ready to settle, on our second vacation to the Crystal Desert, you took our love Story to a place where no MMORPG had ever taken me to before. I now looked forward to our Cutscenes together, never before had I cutscened in an MMORPG like i now Cutscened with you, never before had i Diologued like i now Diologued with you. How did such a weak, boring boy grow up into such a strong beastily man? Many had called me foolish for giving you a chance, and for staying with you all these years, through all the stress and turmoil. But i now know how truly blessed i am to have found someone who never gives up on our love, and continues working to improve and grow for us, could i have found any better partner? Through thick and thin, for better or worst, you have always been there ANet, and will always be there, never giving up, never stepping down, and thats why I love you,Thanks for all the ups and downs,OtakuModeEngage

...PS, did you laugh as much reading this as I did writing it?

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