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DH - "Heavy Light" trait should be default on LB and Replace with something new


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I use Longbow a lot and the problem is that I have with it, is the only decent CC we have is Deflecting shot (3rd skill)We have Hunter's ward also but that takes WAY to long to excute and recharge, but i can see why.

It would be possible if they could add knockback by default to Deflecting shot BUT no stability bonus.and give dragonhunter a completely new trait instead, because Heavy Light does seem rather mediocre especially to waste a Grandmaster trait on and to me. It feels like it SHOULD be on the longbow by default and that trait is just filler trait just added in.However if you use the longbow it's something you HAVE to use, which mean you never get to use the other two triats because if you do you, you pretty much have no CC with longbow.Also many other classes with Longbow have quick rapid moves and can pretty much out damage us in quick bursts.

I know longbow got a nerf ages ago, but with Firebrand the scene now (with its axe 3 doing a pull by default) the longbow needs something,I think Dragonhunter's Deflecting shot should have knockback by default, being the opposite to firebrand's axe 3 skill.and then give us something new for dragonhunter in that trait's place.Maybe a barrier or quickness, or poison trait on trap or something else for longbow like a condition prehaps bleed or poison? (it IS suppose to be hunting dragons after all)

what do you guys think?

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