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Future ideas for Mounts and the like.

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As I roamed Tyria astride my griffon, a peculiar idea crossed my mind. It intrigued me so much, that I decided to hold onto it; to expand upon it and hopeful give it to others so they may too expand it.This idea came from a thought, "If Arena.Net are to make outfits for the mounts we currently have, it'll take a lot of work and creativity to make them. It would've been easier if they had horses-". Then it hit me; what if Arena.Net made Racial Mounts? Mounts that could be obtained at any level, and allow new players to experience and become familiarized with these mechanics. At that point, I began to brainstorm ideas for what creatures each race would ride upon. Here are the some ideas I thought up, any expansion upon this idea or any constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged.Human- Horse (Hold "V" to run at high speed until the stamina bar depletes) Ability: Charge (Charges at the target, knocking them down.)Charr- Scorpion (Hold "V" to burrow underground, avoiding detection until the stamina bar depletes) Ability: Vicious Barb (Swings it's tail, knocking opponents back and making them vulnerable.)Sylvari- Sylvan Stag (???) Ability: Leap of Faith (Leaps at the target, striking and creating a healing well for 10 seconds.)Asura- (???)Norn (???)

(Writer's Note: Thanks for reading. This is my first time writing a forum on here, so forgive me if I screwed up on some parts. I'm a big fan of Guild Wars and with the introduction of mounts in the game, I thought this idea would be something interesting to talk and discuss with people about. Hope this will spark some new and interesting ideas for the future.)

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