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2 hand lege vs 1 hand

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Nevermore is one of the Gen 2 legendaries that involves a collection, so while it may be cheaper it's significantly more time consuming. The Shining Blade has no collection, you simply have to craft or buy all the components and throw them into the mystic toilet. Nearly all of The Shining Blade can be bought on the TP, and it uses most of the same materials as the other gen 2 legendaries that do not have collections, so that helps to drive the price up as well.

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It's always the same.. The more popular items are normally always more expensive due to well.. Supply and Demand. What players are willing to buy on the TP in order to not go out in the world and farm for them. Thus higher material cost.In this case, Nevermore always is collection based and could be cheapre because of it.

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