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GW2 doesn't start

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Good Morning devs and all members of the community of gw2 ,

After 2 years I did not play, with the release of the new expansion, I decided to buy hot and pof and return to the world of tyria but:after downloading the game 5 times with patches startedafter reading various posts on forums and reddidafter reinstalling the video card drivers (2 weeks new)after enabling the.netframeworkafter trying to start the game with the -windowed stringafter reading that it might be a problem with msi afterburner or shore turner and updating them (i did not do it because i did not use these programs)after having found around the web that could be a w10 creator update problem (but I do not find any solutions to that) ......

..... The game does not work, and I'm really angry, considering the 80 euro spent, for a game that does not work, or when i click on play the screen turns black and after 3/4 seconds I get a window written "Guild Wars 2 Game Client has stopped working" with the cancel button to search for possible problems that I absolutely have to click on if the PC crashes with the mouse cursor that has the icon as if the game is open but not allowing me to do nothing if you do not turn off the PC manually to turn it on again later. So I'm here to ask for help to solve the problem or at least a compensation.

The message that appears to me

If it can be helpful this is the hardware component of my pc:

Intel i5 6600kmsi gtx 1080tigeil superluce 32gb RAMSSD crucial 250 gbWD blue hdd 1tbAsus AC56U ModemWindows 10 Pro 64bit

Appearance of answers in a short time.Yours sincerelyMakyura

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