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Where's The Loot?

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I spent an hour in game doing some map completion in Vabbi, working for 20 minutes on that heart where the dead are processed, did 2 events withe Judges and a Forged Invasion.

Here's one thing I observed, none of the event mobs dropped any loot, especially the CHamps, and the events gave me one piece of unidentified gear each that was BLUE!.

ANet can not think they will retain any one like this after being conditioned into expecting a certain amount of gold per hour, I mean I expected prices to drop how ever I did not expect the loot to dry up either.

Yes the content is fun, how ever after the story I play for gold acquisition, and the hunt for new skins; I'm not sticking around for play sessions that leave me grinding my wheels unfortunately that also means I won't be spending any money on a game I don't plan on playing either.

It's really simple ANet, your LWS3 maps had enough loot drop to keep people around, even Orr has better loot (remember Plix anyone?)

I'll be back to play through Season 4, that's about it; I won't be sticking around or spending money.

Fix this.

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