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Thank you Arena Net from the bottom of my heart

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To everyone at Arena Net,

Thank you all for creating such a beautiful MMORPG. I have played Guild Wars 2 since it first released back in 2012, and this is by far the BEST video game ( not jus MMO ), I’ve played.

I struggled with severe depression and suicide a few years ago, and Guild Wars 2 helped me push forward. It helped me take my mind to a world where I could escape my depression and negativity, so that I could enjoy a beautiful fantasy rich world of Tyria. As time went on, I was able to overcome my depression and lead a more positive life...

I have recently taken a short break, and returned to GW2 last week. Path of Fire truly jus reinforces how amazing of a game GW2 is. From the speciliazations, story and the exploration, GW2 shines even brighter than before.

So once again thank you all for WORKING hard to make a game where it not only is AMAZING and Beautiful, but also changes people’s LIVES for the better.


~Thank you~

(P.S: I’ve maimed Mesmer since 2012 and itis by far the best class I’ve played out of any MMO! )

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