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Will there be a Guild Wars 3 in the future

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If the GW1 -> GW2 transition is any indication, GW3 would have nothing you liked in GW2 and Anet would willingly discard the playerbase like it was nothing. After you've helped fund GW3, ofc.

People naively think, that if a new game will come, it will have all the stuff they like from GW franchise, but will drop all the stuff they don't like. Not realizing it could also go in the exact opp

Doesn't change the fact that GW1 didn't need to be improved or replaced. It was fine as is. Things like jumping aren't a "fix" or an "improvement". If they were, every MOBA and Diablo-like game would

I have a feeling I am going to be out on a limb here. But if they did make a GW3, I would love them to incorporate more elements from GW1 in to it. Like the hundreds of skills. Heading out to find elite mobs to catch elite skills. The hero system and the infinite build team builds that come with that. I would love all of that combined with the crafting, dynamic events and group content of GW2. 

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On 11/18/2021 at 4:05 PM, Gibson.4036 said:

1. Don't create content like LW1 that disappears forever.

2. Give players more control over what kind of effects they see (auras, skill effects, etc).

3. Tangu!

4. Commando profession.

5. ?

6. Profit!


If they ever do produce a GW3, there's no reason they couldn't keep GW2 running in maintenance mode, like GW. Surely all the GW2 fans would be happy with that. And just think, with all that anet has learned from all the mistakes they've made with GW2 since its launch, GW3 would surely be the shiniest iteration of this shiniest of franchises yet! Despite our grumbling, most of us here would play it. And throw our money at it. And being shiny and new, it would surely bring in (and win over) a whole new generation of players, with all their shiny new $$$.


I can see it now -- Guild Wars 3: Return of Dragons!


Um. Okay, no. Not even with Tangu. Skritt, maybe. Quaggan? Nah.

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I do not think there will ever be a Guild Wars 3
The simple reason is that Tyria as we know it is done.

All it will be is:
Player 1: I want the game to go to Ascalon
Player 2: I want the game to go to the Crystal Desert
Players 3: I want the game to go to Shing Jae
Player 4: I want the game to go to Shing Jae, but like it was in GW1 cause I disliked Shing Jae in GW2

We are allready walking in an update copy of GW1. How many versions of Tyria do you want?
The only way to make clear that Tyria is done is when they create a different world and start a new story all from the beginning.

And to be honest, I would love to see them do something very different. To see their creativity challenged.

So no to GW3
Yes to a new Arenanet created universe

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21 hours ago, mercury ranique.2170 said:

So no to GW3
Yes to a new Arenanet created universe

Who says thats not what GW3 could essentially be? Its not like game series are restricted to sequential stories in the same setting.

I dont know if I said it in this thread - I cant be arsed to check - but Anet has actually already set up the perfect foundation for a "parallell universe". A world where Ryland win and "save" the people of Tyria.

Now, I dont think the Anet writers are that far ahead of the curve but still...

Ryland Steelcatcher: "They're not dead. One day, long after you've lived and died, they'll thaw. And I'll be there to lead them."

Now all we need is a cinematic where an evil Asura goes back in time to congratulate the commander on defeating kralkatorrik and zapping the commander to oblivion with a handshake *que heavy metal marching music*.

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Given the investments ArenaNet have started making in the game engine, I don't think they're planning on a successor to GW2 for the foreseeable future (at least 5 or so years). If they did make a successor, though, one of the "back to GW1" things I would like to see is smaller instances in open world gameplay areas; while it would make the game less of a "true MMO", I don't know whether what we got from that was worth the cost. It's very difficult to create an immersive story experience when you have to deal with dozens of players running around the world, and especially hard to create interesting world bosses that don't degenerate into visual noise and framerate issues with 80 people beating up on them at once.


That said, I'm still playing GW2, so it can't be that bad. They got around the story issue by instancing the parts that really need to be story-heavy, and that workaround mostly works.

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On 11/8/2021 at 2:28 PM, mythical.6315 said:

Exactly what would people be looking for with GW3? Just a modernized clone of GW2?

Would it be the same target audience for the player base?  

I would actually want to see more puzzles added, along with some wall climbing/running, less explosive abilities and more weapon visuals (make the effect focus on the player, not the enemy), maybe a new take on health (give all parts a regenerating health bar that feeds into an overall bar. Not change in gameplay, but a change in tactic). That's just some off the top stuff I'd expect from a new title. Major changes in how things work. Don't get me wrong, I'm not pushing for a new game, but I wouldn't be against it. I like fresh starts, too.

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