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Please fix the pegasus, he looks sad.

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@"Andy.5981" said:Well if Dr. Frankenstein had to make a Pegasus from left over parts this is probably the result.

Has ANYONE at Anet ever seen the Tristar Pictures Logo?!?! That is a Pegasus.

This is very very poor.

I was thinking the same thing -- that's some Frankenstein shit right there! :lol:

Unlike the Infernal Horror which is Hideous and a Work of ART :sunglasses: which I gladly forked over the 2K gems for, this Franken-beast is, well... just a beast.

And, I concur, it's going to a far extreme to describe it as any kind of "Pegasus."

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I can see why we do not have horses in the game, they can't model them. That sure is an ugly horse face.

I also think they missed a chance here by doubling it up as a Unicorn too. They could have made a Majestic (holy) Pegasus mount(without the horn) and a cutesy, rainbowy Unicorn mount, instead of this ugly mash of both. Most Pegasus art I see on Google is without the horn, and pretty much each of them looks hella better then this mount. Another rush job from a company that seems to be scrambling for resources. Pity.

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It's a bit short and squat-looking. I would guess that it's a bone-rigging limitation, but they were able to do such a great job with the stag skin on the jackal...

If they can't lengthen the legs and neck, maybe the proportions would be a bit better without the draping armor and less thiccness on the neck and forelegs.

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@kharmin.7683 said:

@Just a flesh wound.3589 said:Too bad I don’t have a griffin or I’d buy it. After all, gemstore skins are superior and buying them is cosmetic p2w. If I can’t show that skin off in LA then how can I win the game?

Wait, is that sarcasm? I think it is. It looks and reads like sarcasm. Is it sarcasm?

It is sarcasm, especially as Just already won the game

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@Just a flesh wound.3589 said:

@"SoulGuardian.6203" said:Pegasus?What pegasus?What am I missing?

With the new patch, a 2000 gemstore griffon skin came out that is supposed to look like a pegasus. It has horse back legs and a horse 'face' but it came out looking really weird.

Those back hooves are split and look like cow hooves, not horse. Horses have a solid, non split hoof.

That's the main reason why Tyria has no horses, they are butt ugly.

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It looks too rushed to me. An alicorn has the body of a unicorn with the wings of a pegasus, so this should have 4 solid hooves, a horses' body and neck (not that squat thing it has going on) and normal griffon wings as per the rig.

Something like this:https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.in%2F2951-Alicorn%2Fdp%2FB000PJ5AEW&psig=AOvVaw36gdkJY_HpX10-M0ZF3hRP&ust=1580334272156000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCIjvxp-ip-cCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAG

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So. I heard that there was a new mount skin. I was excited. So I went to take a look, whereupon I had a few thoughts from run through my head. Here are a few:

"It looks like a unicorn with microcephaly mated with a hippogriff.""It looks like someone looked at The Dreamer and said 'You know what would be awesome? This. But worse.'""I feel so terrible for the devs, because somewhere out there a small team is feeling very shat upon for something they worked very hard on. I think what happened is they worked so hard on the individual bits, that they forgot to step back and look upon the whole before burning it.""I can do better than that. Hey, you, pick up a nearby object. Cool, see? I just did better."

I may be a mean person, but at least I didn't bring this abomination into existence, that's just pure animal cruelty.

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