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[Feedback] Shadow in the Ice

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Good music (especially love the Viking like one)

The story was short but I had no problem with it, it was nice seeing Braham go through the changes he did and the ending felt right.

Map looks pretty neat and has some nice Beetle terrain :3

Overall feeling: Gud

What I'd like to see more in the future: Rytlock/Ryland daddy issues. Braham becoming the leader we'd like him to be. And of course an epic finale like the one in LWS4 :)

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@Fueki.4753 said:

@"Cylent.6078" said:
The RNG meter needs some balancing.
"Rare" should not be "Never".This isn't a new thing. It's extremely sad, but not a singular case.Remember that invisible shoe box that many grinded Dragon's Stand for from the beginning of HoT until even now and never saw it dropped?

it goes back even further! 7 years no precursor drop! :D Ive gotten a bunch from the MF. Anets RNG is -terrible- because of the auction house. Agree it needs balancing though. Why is a cultural item costing 7k, why is a chest piece costing 1.5k. I get desirable items, but the price is so out there.

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For me, this episode was ok except for one huge flaw. Every new episode we get a new map, and I do a map completion of the new map with every single character I have. this gives me a chance for nice Map rewards in a new map to keep things fresh, gather map currency, and give me a nice excuse to replay every class in doing it and not just my favorite. Since this episode only add area to a completed map there is 0 map rewards, taking a way any motivation to stay active in the map after I get the story and a few achiev done.

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Mostly disappointed with Drakkar fight, when the portals came up I was like "This is it! The return of Twisted Marionette!" then we go through a single portal and defeat some easy Champion in there and I was just left in a state of shock that they'd dropped the ball.

I don't know what to think anymore when they literally can't even copy mechanics from previous world bosses..

Meh, I'm getting bitter.

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@"Hannelore.8153" said:I was like "This is it! The return of Twisted Marionette!"

Nice thought, odd I did not think of that seeing the 3 doors there. However, it is actually very similar to Marionette. MANY of the "boss" or meta battles use the same mechanics as marionette if you take a closer look. For Example, Drakkar, whil we do not go into all three doors at once we still get the time out blocker preventing us from going into another door. Just Like marionette or vinewrath. But is it the marionette no not yet. We can only hope for a Story Journal LWS1 return. But absolutely, when you look close enough you can see LWS1 in everything!

@Runecrest.8940 said:taking a way any motivation to stay active in the map after I get the story and a few achiev done.

This this is what I'm afraid of. My wife and I have only missed about 7 days of play since 3 day head start. Only now are we getting the feeling our motivations for playing diminishing. Mainly because again they are trying to push the game modes to one end. One day, probly when it's too late, they will realize the game modes exist because players OF THOSE modes enjoy THAT play style. While the option to choose between them is ideal it's the forced choice we will not enjoy and makes us turn away. I've said it since 2012 Let each mode play (earn rewards) 100% in it's own mode and let players play in all modes. Some players don't want to play other modes, it's a thing! really it is!

I'm soooo worried next release is just going to completely remove my desire for achievements (a major reason we play) it will be story > map > done > twiddle thumbs or other game :'(

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@Thereon.3495 said:SPOILER HEAVY

.....Drakkar: I maybe expected too much but that was a huge disappointment. I read somewhere of a 'Tequatl-like fight'....maybe I shouldn't have read that. Yeh the mechanics are more interesting than general world boss fights and the location is pretty different and cool but I didnt understand the need to go through gates to defeat an easy Champ, I didn't see the need for the elites in there at all and it's yet another 'stack on it's foot and DPS' fight we see all too often! If there's no unique loot then this boss is just gonna be another 'in the rotation' boss. Nothing special at all.

Not to mention, a special action skill pops up, but it's not usable against the mob you're fighting. I've maxed them and when they work they do significant damage. But they seem to decide randomly when and where they give you the special action. Beyond that I'm not sure that anyone left at Anet truly knows how to create good content anymore.

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The map is quite nice with a handful of new events scattered about and associated achievements. The meta achievement is grindy but not terribly so. Pretty standard stuff.

Edit: the light puzzles were fun to do a couple of times but I can't see myself bothering with them much now that I have the achievements. They seem to only have generic loot.

The story is very short, again, but quite enjoyable.

The Strike achievements shouldn't be part of the meta achievement. They should have been split into their own section (with their own rewards) like the Drakkar achievements. They should have been in place last episode along with a reason to actually do the Strikes and not just a tiny, tiny chance of getting a very rare drop.

The Drakkar meta is OK but far too long for the pitiful rewards that are doled out (including the reward revamp). Following on from the similarly longwinded and unrewarding meta in episode one I feel that ArenaNet is to be trying to find the minimum reward level that people are willing to accept. Given how dull the loot in GW2 is that seems like a silly thing to do. I hope the game doesn't keep going down this path. Just remember that long doesn't always mean epic.

The illuminated boreal weapons are ridiculously costly (especially given how trivial the first two iterations were) but thankfully you moved their collection out of the episode's achievement section into the collections section so they're more easily ignored.

The raven armour is not to my tastes but given the random way of obtaining the pieces that's just as well.

All in all I feel that we've gone from the LS4 pattern of one episode about every four months to two half episodes every 4 months. That's probably better but the content still feels inadequate and very sparse.

I'm curious to see if you can do better in episode 3 and 4 but so far the prologue was the best episode and one and two have been too brief and disappointing.

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I didn't finish playing the first episode so I took time completing both episodes this time and I enjoy it much better. The story flows and the map events seem more coherent. I agree that chunky and bit types of episodic TV drama is a bit of a fatigue these days. I'm just gonna change the approach to GW2 and take a break every two episodes.

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