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Remove (nearly) all the invisible walls, change it to something else


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Hi everyone,after reading in the patch notes, in the map chat and in the forum that there are a lot of invisible walls spawning where there should be none (like at the beginning of some JPs I've heard), I came to the following thoughts:

  • remove (nearly) all invisible walls
  • expand no-mount-no-glide zones where they need to be (JPs, end of JPs, mini dungeons, end of mini dungeons, etc)
  • let the character just die when it comes too close to the map border (like it does so in HoT, when you glide too far outside)

Now you could explore mostly freely, whereever it would be, with no problems. Not close to a JP or a dungeon? Fine, jump up to that building and make an astonishing screenshot from the world! Wanted to jump up that big rock in Brisban Wildlands? By gosh do it! Just don't come too close to the corner of the map.

I know that there still would be a few invisible walls needed, for example on mazes or alike which you otherwise could just skip ahead, or by dodging some tunnels you should run through. Sure, this would need to get quite some fine tuning, but I think it would be much better than placing invisible walls everywhere and then get tons of tickets about people not being able anymore to enter a region, where they should be able to enter.

Now let me hide behind my golem and you can start throw rocks ;D

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I once had an invisible wall spawn behind me and I couldn't get out. No idea how that happened (I know why though, i was trying to get into an area that dismounted me and there seemed to be some sort of private spot there, wasn't even heading in that direction but you know i tried when i discovered it, i just dont know why it didn't stop me from climbing the mountain and then DID stop me from leaving the mountain area and forcing me to waypoint).

I also understand why invisible walls need to be there instead of demounting areas, to prevent players from going to places that they could then make use of gliders/griffons to go to, without punishing players who just go through the area normally on their mounts.

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